Picasso - transfigurations, 1895-1972

Picasso - transfigurations, 1895-1972. Museum of Fine Arts - Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, 2016, 369 oldal
ISBN: 978-615-5304-54-5

A száz műalkotást, festményeket, valamint szobrokat és grafikákat bemutató kiállítás Picasso életművének valamennyi periódusát felöleli, ugyanakkor egy kiemelt téma – az emberi alak megformálásának folyamatos változása – köré szerveződik...

5. Textilművészeti Triennálé : Pesti Vigadó, 2016. február 23. - március 27.

5. Textilművészeti Triennálé : Pesti Vigadó, 2016. február 23. - március 27.. MMA, Budapest, 2016, 151 oldal
ISBN: 978-615-5464-43-0

IMAGO A latin imago-kifejezés – amely napjainkban is elevenen él; a keresőprogramba írva több százezres hivatkozást dob ki a számítógép – általánosságban ábrázolást, ábrázatot, ábrát jelent, de jelentésköre felöleli a képet, a képmást is. Az orvosi nyelv beképzelésként, a pszichológiai (mélylélektani) terminus példaképként, magatartási mintaként, míg a biológiai a rovarok utolsó fejlődési fázisaként, a bábból való kilépési szakaszként, a teljes átalakulásként jelöli, illetve értelmezi. Az imago-tól a számunkra legfontosabb képszerű ábrázoláshoz érkezve fontos leszögeznünk, hogy a kép valakinek vagy valaminek, esetleg valaki vagy valami konkrétan nem létezőnek az ábrázolása, illetve elmondhatjuk, hogy az imago maga az alkotás – a képalkotás –, amely a látható-tapasztalható valósággal lehet kapcsolatban, és e valóságtól való látszatszerű elszakadás – a teljes képi átalakulás – révén születhet meg. Az imago tradicionális értelemben síkszerű megjelenítés, de a sík és a tér fogalmát is olyannyira átértelmezte, megkérdőjelezte a modern képalkotás, hogy a két szféra közötti határok teljesen elmosódtak. A képalkotás, az ábrázolás tehát korunkra mind tartalmi, mind formai-anyagi vonatkozásban, mind a megjelenítés módozataiban határtalanul szabaddá vált: de hogy szabadságával hogy gazdálkodik, azt az minősíti, hogy mi válik napjainkban fontos, totális, hiteles, a szó nemes értelmében vett imago-vá. Wehner Tibor

Liriche [Nyomtatott kotta] : per canto e pianoforte / Respighi

Respighi: Liriche [Nyomtatott kotta] : per canto e pianoforte. Ricordi, Milano, 2006, 104 oldal
ISBN: M-041-39627-9

Tutte le composizioni vocali da camera di Ottorino Respighi, edite de Casa Ricordi, con una prefazione di Alberto Cantù e i testi poetici in lingua originale e in englese. Da Shelley a d'Annunzio, dalla poesia popolare alla grande tradizione orientale, questa raccolta è un prezioso strumento per avvicinarsi alla sensibilità musicale di uno dei compositori più rappresentativi del primo Novecento.

Songs [Nyomtatott kotta] : 1880-1904 / Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy: Songs [Nyomtatott kotta] : 1880-1904 . Dover Publications, Mineola, 1981, 175 oldal
ISBN: 0-486-24131-9

"The essence of Debussy's musical personality is in the songs and they exhibit virtually every aspect of his art." — Oscar Thompson, Debussy: Man and Artist. Had Claude Debussy (1862–1918) been exclusively a composer of songs, his musical reputation would have been assured. Although his output was not large, he achieved a new style in the setting of poetry and poetic prose — an exquisite union of words and music characterized by innovation, simplicity, impeccable taste, and consummate workmanship. From such early favorites as "Beau Soir" and "Mandoline" his masterful later works, the composer achieved a new psychological penetration through understatement — a music precisely imagined yet fluid, superbly constructed yet untrammeled by the past.

John Dowland's Lute Songs [Nyomtatott kotta] : Third and Fourth Books / John Dowland

John Dowland's Lute Songs [Nyomtatott kotta] : Third and Fourth Books. Dover Publications, Mineola, 2002, 137 oldal
ISBN: 978-0-486-42244-2

One of the few English musicians whose fame as a composer spread throughout Europe during his lifetime, John Dowland (1563–1626) was also unsurpassed in his day as a lute virtuoso. The composer of 88 lute songs, Dowland had twice applied for the position of lutenist at the court of Elizabeth I and was rejected both times — for religious reasons, it was thought. (He had converted to Catholicism during a Protestant reign.) His talents, however, were welcomed at courts in Germany, Venice, Florence, and Denmark. Since the early 20th century, Dowland's excellence as a song writer has been well established; and many of his compositions for lute — long shrouded in obscurity — have become well known. This collection of 45 songs includes all the works in his original Third Booke of Songs or Aires; in A Pilgrime's Solace (his fourth collection); three contributions to his son Robert's A Musicall Banquet; plus a lovely galliard — a dance for solo guitar. Together with Nadal's Lute Songs of John Dowland (First and Second Books), published in 1997, this compilation completes Dover's newly edited and engraved editions of Dowland's lute songs — a rich oeuvre sure to be studied and enjoyed by singers, guitarists, and music lovers alike. - See more at: http://store.doverpublications.com/0486422445.html#sthash.o5cd4xMy.dpuf

Andrea Bocelli [Nyomtatott kotta] : Arie Sacre

Andrea Bocelli [Nyomtatott kotta] : Arie Sacre. Carisch, 1999, 71 oldal
ISBN: 88-8291-594-8

The Andrea Bocelli: Arie Sacre songbook features a collection of sacred arias and cantatas chosen by Andrea Bocelli, arranged for solo Voice and Piano. Among the 15 songs in the collection are both Schubert and Bach versions of Ave Maria.

Songs and Airs from the Great Oratorios [Nyomtatott kotta] : for High Voice /$cGeorg Friedrich Händel

Georg Friedrich Händel: Songs and Airs from the Great Oratorios [Nyomtatott kotta] : for High Voice . Dover Publications, Mineola, 2011, 197 oldal
ISBN: 0-486-41903-7

One of the 18th century's greatest composers, Handel achieved lasting fame in many musical genres. Regarded as the greatest opera composer of his time, the composer later devoted his attention almost exclusively to writing sacred music and is today renowned for his magnificent oratorios. This exceptional compilation includes 40 of his works for high voice and piano, selected from 25 of his masterpieces: Messiah, Judas Maccabæus, Samson, Acis and Galatea, Esther, Serse, Saul, and 18 others. Among the much-loved songs and airs included here are "Ev'ry valley shall be exalted" and "I know that my Redeemer liveth" (Messiah); "From mighty kings" (Judas Maccabæus); "Farewell, ye limpid springs and floods" (Jephtha); "O come let us worship" (Chandos Anthems); O sleep, why dost thou leave me" (Semele); and many others. This convenient, affordable collection also contains an introduction by noted musicologist Ebenezer Prout, offering valuable commentary about each selection. Reproduced from an authoritative edition, these songs will be a welcomed addition to the libraries of singers, musicians, and music lovers

Great Handel choruses [Nyomtatott kotta] : 17 choruses for mixed voices from Handel's sacred works / Georg Friedrich Händel

Georg Friedrich Händel: Great Handel choruses [Nyomtatott kotta] : 17 choruses for mixed voices from Handel's sacred works. Novello, London, 2002, 251 oldal
ISBN: 0-7119-9588-5

17 Choruses for mixed voices from Handel's sacred works. Selected with introductory notes by Brian Kay. For this collection Brian Kay has written a lively commentary upon his selection of some of the best known & loved choral pieces as well as lesser known gems. Rarely brought together these diverse choruses demonstrate the enduring vitality of Handel's writing. For SATB and piano

French songs & choruses [Nyomtatott kotta] : for mixed-voice choir

French songs & choruses [Nyomtatott kotta] : for mixed-voice choir. Novello, London, 2015, 122 oldal
ISBN: 978-1-78305-958-4

This collection of French Songs & Choruses includes a wealth of original choral music by French composers, as well as many wonderful arrangements of some of the greatest French songs ever composed. Suitable for Mixed-Voice Choirs of all sizes and abilities, this is the perfect collection for finding new performance pieces, but would work equally well as a complete concert programme. The selections in this songbook are second-to-none, with some of the most beautiful and affecting French choral music compiled into one volume. Many original works are included here, with these choral compositions by giants of French classical music often being regarded as some of their finest work. Pieces like Madrigal by Gabriel Fauré, a new edition of Maurice Ravel's incredible Trois Chansons, Camille Saint-Saëns's Calme Des Nuits and Trinquons as well as Reynaldo Hahn's three Rondels, originally written for SATB choir...

Motets [Nyomtatott kotta] : [for] mixed voices a cappella

Karl Jenkins: Motets [Nyomtatott kotta] : [for] mixed voices a cappella. Boosey & Hawkes Music, London, 2014, 124 oldal
ISBN: 978-1-78454-028-9

Motets is a set of intimate and spiritually uplifting a cappella choral works by Karl Jenkins, featuring new pieces and arrangements of a selection of movements from his most popular works, including The Armed Man, Requiem, Adiemus and The Peacemakers. Scored for mixed choir a cappella, most pieces also include an optional accompaniment for piano or organ. Additionally the single movements of Motets are available on sale separately. Motets was recorded on Deutsche Grammophon by Stephen Layton and Polyphony.

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