Basic Services of the Library

A user of the Library is entitled to the following basic services free of charge:

  • visiting the Library,
  • on-site usage of those parts of the collection designated by the Library,
  • usage of conventional/printed forms of the library catalogues,
  • information/basic level specialized information,
  • usage of electronic/online forms of the library catalogues,
  • information about the Library and the services of the library system,
  • services available via the homepage of the Library not subject to registration.


Services of the Library subject to registration

  • borrowing parts of stock designated by the Library
  • reservation in advance
  • interlibrary loan
  • high level specialized information
  • usage of local history and  music collection
  • computer and Internet usage, WIFI availability
  • usage of the programs installed by the Library on the computers of the Library
  • usage of the e-data bases and electronic periodicals to which the Library is subscribed
  •  on-site usage of the CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs held by the Library
  • NAVA service