Databases help

Subscribed databases:

You can access them from any computer from the university’s IP network or from home after setting up the proxy. (See below.)
First, go to the „Databases” menu, where you can see an EBSCO Discovery Service search, below you can find the alphabetic list of the databases. Click on the „Összes mutatása” and it will show you all the subcribed and free access databases.

Remote access:
Go to this page.
Here you have to select which browser do you use. Choose yours and it will navigate you to video tutorials (english subtitle is available) how to set up the proxy settings.
When it is done, you can access in every subscribed and free access databases from your computer.
You will need a library card, which you can get from any unversity library.
The system will need your card number and a password. Your password is your date of birth in this format: MMDD. (If you were born on the 14th of May, your password is 0514.)

Dictionary for the Hungarian phrases:

E-források - Előfizetett és ingyenes adatbázisok – E-resources - Subscribed and free access databases
E-források - Útmutató az otthonról való hozzáféréshez – E-resources - Tutorial how to access from home
E-könyvtár – E-library
Összes mutatása – Show all