Renewing books

Renewing books

You can renew the books in the following ways:

    • ONLINE, by clicking on the link, if you are a registered reader in the University of Pécs and Centre for Learning OR the Faculty of Health Sciences Library, Zalaegerszeg OR the Faculty of Health Sciences Library, Kaposvár;
    • - in person;
      - on the phone (Centre for Learning)72 / 501-650 / inner phone number: 28049;
    • - on the phone (faculty libraries): search for the proper phone number in the FACULTY LIBRARY section

Times you can renew (month)

Students/workers of the University of Pécs2x1

Researchers at the University of Pécs, PhD students

Teachers at the University of Pécs3x1
Other readers2x1

The loaning due date of a document reserved by another library user cannot be renewed.

In the case of a document loaned and lost, destroyed or damaged by the library user, the library and the library user will agree with the head of the reading service on the compensation to be paid.

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