Zsolnay aranykora : Gyugyi László gyűjteménye száz új tárggyal / írta Csenkey Éva, Gyugyi László, Hárs Éva

Csenkey Éva, Gyugyi László, Hárs Éva: Zsolnay aranykora : Gyugyi László gyűjteménye száz új tárggyal. Zsolnay Örökségkezelő Nonprofit Kft., Pécs, 2017, 411 oldal
ISBN: 978-963-09-9057-8

Dr. Gyugyi László műgyűjtő közel 600 kerámiatárgyból álló Zsolnay-gyűjteménye páratlan értéket képvisel. Darabjai a gyár 40 évét átölelő (1870–1910) időszakának termékei, amelyek három nagy korszakra oszthatók: a historizmus, a millennium és a szecesszió periódusaira. A gyűjtemény a Pécs2010 Európa Kulturális Fővárosa programnak köszönhetően talált otthonra Pécs új kulturális városrészében, a Zsolnay Negyedben. A gyűjtemény méltó helyét az erre a célra átalakított, szecessziós Sikorski-villában találták meg. A könyv a világ legszebb, leggazdagabb Zsolnay-gyűjteményét mutatja be, amelyet Magyarországon született, Amerikában élő tulajdonosa évtizedeken át gyűjtött kiváló ízléssel, szakértelemmel és igényes szeretettel a nagyvilág különböző pontjain. A több mint hatszáz darabból álló gyűjtemény a historizmus, a millennium és a szecesszió időszakából a Zsolnay-gyár csúcsalkotásait foglalja magába, amelyek valaha világkiállításokra vagy külföldi piacokra készültek. A legújabb kutatásokat is feldolgozó szakértői tanulmányok a gyűjtők számára kínálnak meglepetéseket, a remek felvételek a művészi tárgyak élvezőinek. Az először 2010-ben, a hazatérés évében megjelent kötet új kiadása bemutatja azt a száz új műtárgyat, amelyekkel az utóbbi években gazdagodott a gyűjtemény.

Nendo 10/10

Nendo 10/10. Gestalten, Berlin, 2013, 318 oldal
ISBN: 978 3 89955 470 0

Oki Sato founded nendo in Tokyo in 2002. Since then, it has become one of the most sought-after design studios worldwide. The name nendo is Japanese for modeling clay. It is indicative of the studio’s playful, yet rational approach. Nendo: 10/10 is a comprehensive monograph of the studio’s work. Each of the book’s ten chapters showcases one of nendo’s design principles. Chapters explore, for example, nendo’s compelling approach to multiplying, linking, concealing, balancing, magnifying, and folding. Featured projects include vibrant store concepts and mystically inspired exhibition spaces as well as sculptural furniture pieces, home accessories, and design objects. Nendo’s impressively clear, yet intriguingly sophisticated work not only represents the epitome of contemporary design from Japan, but also sets the tone for design’s future on the global scene.

New expressions in origami art : masterworks from 25 leading paper artists / Meher McArthur

Meher McArthur: New expressions in origami art : masterworks from 25 leading paper artists. Tuttle Publishing, Tokyo, 2017, 192 oldal
ISBN: 9780804846776

This origami art book features the work of 25 contemporary master folders who are among the most innovative origami artists working today. They are pushing the boundaries of origami vigorously in new directions concerning style, scale, materials, subject and scope. This elite group includes: Joel Cooper Erik Demaine and Martin Demaine Paul Jackson Beth Johnson Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander Robert J. Lang Linda Mihara Bernie Peyton Richard Sweeney And many more… The stunning photos and brilliant essays in this book demonstrate why origami is now an international art movement—largely through the efforts and artistic genius of a few contemporary masters. The trailblazing efforts of Japanese artist Akira Yoshizawa elevated the paper folding to an art form by showing how subtle shapes and figures could be created from a single sheet of paper through a variety of non-traditional folding techniques. Artists in other parts of the world—including the United States, France, England, China and Scandinavia—took Yoshizawa's cue and pushed these techniques further and further. The result has been the emergence of many new and surprising sculptural forms created through methods such as wet folding, curved creasing, tessellating and the application of alternative materials besides paper.

Origami tessellations : awe-inspiring geometric designs / Eric Gjerde

Eric Gjerde: Origami tessellations : awe-inspiring geometric designs. A K Peters, Wellesley, Mass., 2009, 121 oldal
ISBN: 9781568814513

Eric Gjerde demonstrates 25 of his favorite tessellations and turns them into projects for newcomers as well as experienced origamists. With step-by-step instructions, illustrated crease patterns, and how-to photos, you'll learn to create these wonderful designs yourself. Eric's first book covers the fundamentals of origami tessellations, provides history, and describes simple beginning techniques with detailed illustrations and photographs. An extensive gallery showcases tessellations folded by the world's leading origami fine artists---inspiring you to experiment, innovate, and eventually create your own unique designs.

Natural glazes : collecting and making / Miranda Forrest

Miranda Forrest: Natural glazes : collecting and making. University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 2016, 112 oldal
ISBN: 9780812222623

Like clay, all glaze materials come from the earth. Traditionally, stones, plants, and other natural materials provided the elements for ceramic surface decoration. In an age of synthetic and mass-produced glazes, handmade glazes from locally sourced ingredients allow artists to produce unique pieces that reflect their surrounding landscapes. In Natural Glazes, Miranda Forrest guides readers through the process of experimentation and discovery to make amazing hues from organic materials. Whether a glaze is mixed from scratch or local items are added to a commercial glaze, this concise book teaches the essential steps. A variety of glaze materials is available in any location, and Forrest shows artists how to recognize and gather appropriate ingredients and prepare them for blending. She explains how to work with vegetation and organic materials such as grass, wood, and seashells, giving step-by-step directions for mixing glazes and testing sample blends for optimal results. Natural Glazes covers application and firing techniques such as raku and offers health and environmental safety information. Natural Glazes contains full-color photographs of completed works, charts and tables providing firing times and other data, and insightful essays from other ceramic artists specializing in natural glaze work. Using found materials in glazes is a creative way to add a local touch to ceramics. With Natural Glazes, inspiration may be as close as your own backyard. Trained at the Glasgow School of Art and based in the Outer Hebrides islands off the coast of Scotland, Miranda Forrest has been developing locally sourced ceramic glazes for years.

Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei. Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2015, 237 oldal
ISBN: 978-1-910350-23-2

Artist, designer, architect, author, publisher and curator: Ai Weiwei Hon RA is a truly twenty-first-century creative, influential across a variety of media. He has come to be regarded as a contemporary artist of global stature, and his strong social conscience has galvanised a generation of artists.With convictions that touch on topics such as imprisonment, borders and disaster, Ai has often found himself in contention with the Chinese authorities.

Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Felix Gonzalez-Torres. steidldangin Publishers, Göttingen, 2016, 410 oldal
ISBN: 978-3-86930-921-7

Felix Gonzalez-Torres, one of the most influential artists of his generation, lived and worked resolutely according to his own democratic ideology, determined to “make this a better place for everyone.” Combining principles of conceptual art, minimalism, political activism and poetic beauty, Gonzalez-Torres’s ever-changing arsenal included public billboards, give-away piles of candy or posters, and ordinary objects (clocks, mirrors, light fixtures) often used to startling effect. His work challenged the notions of public and private space, originality, authorship and—most significantly—the authoritative structure in which he functioned. Now in its second edition, Gonzalez-Torres’s editor Julie Ault has amassed a comprehensive monograph of this important artist. In the spirit of the artist’s method, Ault rethinks the very idea of what a monograph should be. The book, which places strong emphasis on the written word, contains texts by Robert Storr and Miwon Kwon among other notables, as well as significant critical essays, exhibition statements, transcripts from lectures, personal correspondence, and writings that influenced Gonzalez-Torres and his work. Ample visual documentation adds another decisive layer of content. We see works not just in their finality, but often witness their transformation over a lifespan. This collection is a critical reference for the history of contemporary art.

Realism, rationalism, surrealism : art between the wars / Briony Fer

Briony Fer: Realism, rationalism, surrealism : art between the wars. Yale Univ. Press, New Haven, 1994,

This book begins by considering responses by French artists to the First World War, showing how Purism, Dada, and early Surrealism are related to the ethos of post-war reconstruction. The authors then discuss the language of construction in places as dissimilar as France, Germany, and the Soviet Union; the contrasting demands of the utility and decoration of objects and paintings; and the relationship of surrealism to questions of sexuality and gender and to Freudian theory. The book concludes by addressing the widespread debate over realism in art: whether it represents an alternative to the elitism of the avant-garde or whether avant-garde art should play a role in the development of a modern realism.

Der typografische Raster / Hans Rudolf Bosshard

Hans Rudolf Bosshard: Der typografische Raster. Niggli, Zürich, 2006, 197 oldal
ISBN: 978-3-7212-0340-0

The typograhic grid is a child of constructive art. This book offers a collection of about two dozen typographic works of the author including books, brochures and art catalogues. The works, documented in schematic drawings and many individual illustrations, are not meant to be recipes; instead, they should provide the reader with impulses of how he himself can set design processes in motion from the outset. The many-sidedness of design with grid systems should be made manifest.

Draplin Design Co. : pretty much everything / Aaron James Draplin

Aaron James Draplin: Draplin Design Co. : pretty much everything. Abrams, New York, 2016, 253 oldal
ISBN: 978-1-4197-2017-8

Esquire. Ford Motors. Burton Snowboards. The Obama Administration. While all of these brands are vastly different, they share at least one thing in com­mon: a teeny, little bit of Aaron James Draplin. Draplin is one of the new school of influential graphic designers who combine the power of design, social media, entrepreneurship, and DIY aesthetic to create a successful business and way of life. Pretty Much Everything is a mid-career survey of work, case studies, inspiration, road stories, lists, maps, how-tos, and advice. It includes examples of his work—posters, record covers, logos—and presents the process behind his design with projects like Field Notes and the “Things We Love” State Posters. Draplin also offers valuable advice and hilarious commentary that illustrates how much more goes into design than just what appears on the page. With Draplin’s humor and pointed observations on the contemporary design scene, Draplin Design Co. is the complete package for the new generation of designers.

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