Eine Einführung in die Typografie = An initiation in typography / Anne Denestas

Anne Denestas: Eine Einführung in die Typografie = An initiation in typography. Niggli, Zürich, 2006, 127 oldal
ISBN: 978-3-7212-0597-8

This artfully designed volume sets in on a large scale, the proportions in outer space, and ends with the smallest of typographic scales, with typefaces. Skillfully, the authors introduce the reader to the world of visual design and typography, arouse curiosity through an elaborate esthetics, and disclose the magic of typography page after page. Through the use of slightly transparent paper, the effect of particular grid systems becomes obvious. Impressively short and precise texts familiarize the reader with the respective subject matter; difficulties of typography are illustrated through simple geometric shapes. The first part deals with the question of proportions, followed by the subject of the harmony and tension between black and white while at the end of the volume typographic details are discussed.

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(Forrás: http://www.niggli.ch/en/eine-einfuhrung-in-die-typographie.html)