Live : art and performance / ed. by Adrian Heathfield

Live : art and performance. Tate, London, 2012, 256 oldal
ISBN: 978 1 85437 501 8

Live art is one of the most controversial and hotly discussed areas of creative practice to emerge in the second half of the twentieth century. The history of the art of performance is one of challenge to audiences, art traditions and cultural values. No longer at the margins of cultural production and recognition, performance is now a common occurrence in major art institutions. With the turn towards social and transient art, the use of performance by many of today’s best-known artists, and the blurring of boundaries between visual art, theatre and live art, this is a groundbreaking and timely anthology...

Leading artists and thinkers assess the relevance of live art now and its impact within the visual arts and the broader cultural sphere. Hugo glendinning’s stunning colour photographs of performance events are combined with numerous essays examining the political, philosophical and cultural resonances of the work of a diverse range of live artists, both historical and contemporary.

Accessible, critically astute and expansive, Live is an indispensable resource for all those with an interest in some of the most vibrant and contested issues in art today. Including a conversation with Marina Abramovic and works and words by Franko B, Jérôme Bel, Oleg Kulik, Yu Yeon Kim and Hayley Newman amongst many others.

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