Typographie : [Ein Gestaltungslehrbuch] / Emil Rude

Emil Rude: Typographie : [Ein Gestaltungslehrbuch] . Niggli, Imprint of Braun Publishing AG, Salenstein, 2018, 273 oldal
ISBN: 978-3-7212-0043-0

This book is the legacy of Emil Ruder, one of the originator of Swiss Style, famous throughout the world for the use of asymmetric layouts, use of a grid, sans-serif typefaces and flush left, ragged right text. His holistic approach is still recognized as fundamental for graphic designers and typographers all over the world. This volume represents a critical reflection on his teaching and practice and a life- time of accumulated knowledge. Beyond that, it is a comprehensive masterpiece seen in its overall structure: in the themes presented, in the comparison of similarities and contrasts, in the richness of the illustrations and the harmoniously inserted types. Behind the purely pedagogic examples of exact proportions, a rich, philosophical thinking shines through. Today, more than forty years after this book was first published, it is still widely used and referenced.

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