E-book collections

The library currently provides 7000 foreign publications, as shown in the table below. The works can be used without an e-book reader and without loaning and can be read immediately on the website or in .pdf format when opened. The collections do not cover the entire publishing portfolio, but contain a selection of works according to the higher education profile.

E-books can be accessed on or off campus. In the University of Pécs area (faculty, library or dormitory), books can be read through the university network (e.g. eduroam and wired internet) without prior login by clicking on the publisher's address.

Outside the university domain, identification can be made either through a proxy or with a Neptun ID. For the latter, follow the instructions in the "remote access" section with the house icon after clicking on the speech bubble next to the publisher. (Neptun IDs are usually referred to by publishers as Shibboleth.)


Primary Sources

External Sources