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Desalination of historic buildings, stone and wall paintings

The papers collected in this volume are the fruits of the Desalination project - a European research project which involved representatives of the private sector, universities, industry, research centres and public authorities. This project examined the use of poultices to treat salt damage problems in porous objects (a widespread standard practice for at least three decades in cultural heritage conservation). However, as with many conservation interventions, while the poultice materials are (in large part) removable, the effects of this treatment are non-reversible.

Topics include:

• The choice of one poultice material over another;

• Pre-treatment assessment of object and the salt deterioration;

• What substrate and/or salt analysis can/should be undertaken;

• Salts and their spatial distribution within objects; and

• The efficacy and functionality and potential dangers of typical poulticing methods on different material substrates.